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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.27.52 am.pngAthletics!!!
November 13th was an exciting day for everyone it was the school Athletics day. There was an exciting vibe in the bus that we were in.
When we got off the bus everyone got there stuff and headed off inside the park/arena that we were doing our events in. The first event was 1500m {or 1.5 kilometre run} there were four teams competing in the events Kowhai,Kauri,Rimu,Totara Everywhere we goooo! people wanna know who we are so we tell them we are the mighty the mighty mighty Kowhai We are Kowhai We are Kowhai ayeeeee. That was my groups chant.

At last it was the 12vies turn BANG we were off although there weren’t many people who did it it still was a good race. We all ran as hard as we could and did not give up throughout out anything first was Brody Wedding-Andrew {me}, 2nd jared Rackham,
3rd Shaun Wassel and just missing out, in 4th Samuel Kumar.

After 1500 we had a 30 minute break, after our break we had high jump we headed over there and got ready to jump. Everyone besides Brody {me}, Lennox and Ryan Failed the jump 1st was Lennox and second was Brody after having a jump off with  at jumping 1.16 m and obviously third was Ryan.

Image result for high jump mat200m was straight after high jump there were two races for the 12vies. The first race went off with a Bang literally! After the first came the second race we got into a lane and we were ready Poof when we were meant to go the gun had a mini malfunction.
Image result for athletics starter gunFinally BANG the race had started it was a really good race i was running like a cat chasing a laser. After the race we got our ribbons 1st was Brody Wedding-Andrew 2nd was Faronce Tuimanga and 3rd was Luke Walker.
next we had discus sadly I didn't make it into the top 10 because i did a no throw.  1st in discus was Ryan Youmans, 2nd was Lennox Fakalanu and third Faronc’e Tuimanga. After discus we had a 15 minute break then we had long jump we scurried to the long jump pit and got started straight away.

Soon it was my turn and I jumped a whopping 3.96m. my second jump was a no jump but Lennox’s jump was 3.88m but Brody was still ahead
Image result for long jump pit my third and final as good but not as good i jumped 3.90m. First in Long jump was brody Wedding-Andrew {me}, 2nd was Lennox Fakalanu and third was Faronce Tuimanga. After the long jump we had shotput straight away sadly i didnt make it into the top six but i think i did pretty good {well better than expected}. in shotput first was Faronce Tuimanga 2nd was Ryan Youmans and third was Lennox Fakalanu.

Straight after Shotput was my favourite event 100m the first had started 1st was Jack Collier. Then came the second heat and this had an amazing race Lane 5 Faronce2, Lane 3 Brody , Lane 4 Lennox and lane 6 Luke. BANG!!!!!! As they were running Rampidly down the track faronce overcame the race and came out on top 1st was Faronce 2nd Brody and 3rd Lennox Finally came relays and the girls were first Bang it started running fast was rimu who came first the second was Totara and Third was Kauri. Finally it was the boys turn the maiin event 3….2….1…. GO! running fast was Brody Griffin and Caelin are heartbreaker for totara for Finley had dropped the baton slowing them down finally it got to Faronce Avansh and Bradley Avansh andFaronce were close and Brad;ey was gaining. Finally Bradley{Kauri}  got ahead and prevailed 2nd was Avansh{Rimu} and Third Faronce{Kowhai}. altogether it was an amazing day and i couldnt have asked for a better one  

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