Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Boston's Athletics

Bang! As the guns sound rings through my ears giving me a minor headache surely to build up during today but right now there is no time to think must run as the race is on not only my headache is building up but my place in the race as I rush through numbers of people and finish sixth, not bad for thirty other people in the race but to much of an effort to not get any places and my heart still pounding after twenty minutes.

On the thirteenth of November at Massey Park a place where people can be competitive and for some to make their anger into an adrenaline rush for their events to beat the records of those of last year, our school comes here every year to compete against each other for ribbons and many records are to be broken.

Now on to one of my stand out events that prevented me from  doing any running events for the rest of the day, I was about to jump the high jump when I resisted from jumping it to go back I twisted my ankle also triggering my severs as well as bruising my back from the pole  but at least I came forth… Like everybody else did.

Now with a bruised back and a sore foot finding it hard to walk I think possibly I could finish one of last events but as mums usually do she kept me from harm from the last event and took me home and treated me with  not love but desire for my favourite Ice cream. Thanks Mum.

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