Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Camp 2015 - Tristan

Peter Snell Camp

I wake up ( slowly ), knowing its camp, but not knowing what to think, due to Mr. Fourie’s claim it was ‘revenge’. The moment I wake up, my mum walks down the hall, as if to ensure me and my sister were awake ( Because my sisters NEVER awake ). In the rush, we quickly get changed, have breakfast, and brush our teeth, despite the horrible taste of the minty toothpaste mixing with the cereal, toast, or whatever I ate that morning. Our bags and lunches were already packed, so we loaded the car, and drove to school.  arrive at school, to find that i'm one of the last people to arrive, despite the fact it's roughly 8:30 in the morning. I drag my bag into the school grounds, dumping it, along with my sleeping bag, into the huge pile of bags and cases. All of my friends are already there, and rush up, pointing out a camera on the upper wall of the roof, claiming the government is spying on us ( Really? ) I assumed it was just a joke, unaware to the never ending conspiracy jokes to come over the duration of camp. Mr.Fourie calls us into the hall, which is actually kind of exciting, as one of our first looks at the new hall. Everyone pours into the hall, and starts lining up in the camp groups, even though we weren’t asked ( We’re such good students ) Mr.Fourie and Mr.Munro gave us a quick talk, about what's expected on the camp grounds, and our behaviour, and the bus driver actually came in, to give us a single rule about the bus. Dont stand up. Also, the bus driver had an Irish accent, and it would have to be one of the best i’ve ever heard. ( It was all out 100% thick Irish ) One by one, our groups were sent out to the bus, to load our luggage, and storm into the bus. Although some of us were tired, in the excitement, most of us were now wide awake. I wound up sitting next to a friend of mine, Finley, and although the drive was long, being able to talk to someone, almost seemed to speed up time… Well that was until we ran out of things to talk about… The bus driver at one point, actually turned back the way we came, and we were certain we were lost. Yet, what seemed like years later, we finally pulled up aside a long, stone wall…

Me, and all of my friends, were quite surprised by Peter Snell. Not pleasantly, or negatively. It just wasn’t what we were expecting. It was a long, beige, brick building, with a cafeteria and kitchen in the center of the building, surrounded by crystal clear windows. And although I'm probably just blind, I didn’t see a sign outside. As we unloaded a bus, a lot of us were confused why we didn’t cut through the building, and instead, found yourself wandering along a path around the girls cabins. Once again, we dumped all of our belongings in a pile on the grass, and for a second, I was afraid mine would fall over, and fly down the hill. Once again, Mr.Fourie gave us a quick talk, repeating what was said in the hall, before introducing us to the staff, and letting Chris, who seemed to be in charge, take over. Chris quickly told us otherwise, by saying that a man called Gordon was in charge, but wasn’t here. He also introduced all the pets, everyone's favourite being Nugget, the pig. After what seemed like forever, I was so excited to see our cabins…..But first we had to have morning tea. Finding a seat, I sat in a group with my friends, quickly eating my food. But then, Mr.Fourie started sending groups off one at a time… Luckily, our group was sent off quickly. The cabins were really nice - I'm not sure if that's because the mattresses at a previous camp were fit for prisoners, or because we weren’t sleeping in a shed, but compared to any other camp, these cabins were luxury. Setting up the cabins were quick - A pillow and a sleeping bed. The layout was strange. There were three ‘bunk’ beds ( Beds stacked on top of each other ) Two of which, were against the back wall, in an L shape. Across from those, was the other bunk, beside the door. I chose the bottom bunk beside the door. Strangely enough, when we looked out our window, after unpacking, Milo was still outside eating lunch ( ? ) At first, we had a lot of free time, to get used to the main area, before we were called back for our first activity. My group's first activity, was archery, one that I normally wasn’t very good at. ( Oh also, we were called the Squeaky Ninjas ) It was pretty simple, we each took turns shooting, two at a time, three shots ( arrows ) but the targets were tiny! Being that we were the first group, there were a few changes along the way. For example, we actually started with five shots each, which was quickly changed due to the slow pace. Despite my original thoughts, I ended up really enjoying it. Although, I was a bit sick, so I had to go refill my drink bottle after. Although, we had to go straight from one activity to the next, so I fell behind, and our next activity, was also one of the hardest to find. It was hobo stoves ( AKA how to cook a pancake on a tin ) It turns out, it was down a gravel trail, close to the burma trail exit. Despite everyone saying it was a boring activity compared to the rest, it turned out to be one of my favourites. We had to get in pairs, and use pancake mix, to make pancakes on a tin. Me and Xander paired up, and we were what you could call the ‘fun’ pair. We just mucked around the whole time, dipping our fingers in the mixture, eating half cooked pancakes, and other weird stuff. By the end of it, when the other pairs had done about five or six pancakes, we’d done what must of been fifteen. Now, we were nearing the end of the day, and had a lot of free time, before dinner. We were sent in group by group, and Chris reappeared, to teach us a grace. The dinner that night was very yummy. Beef, Potato, and some other salads. I ended up having seconds for the beef and potatoes. Dessert was even better. Doughnuts, cream, and chocolate sauce. Although, I was sure there wouldn’t be seconds, so I gave my bowl back. But there WAS seconds...AND thirds. I couldn’t help myself, and stole a friend's doughnut. After this, we quickly did the water slide. Due to a loss in time, we only had time to do it twice from half way ( Each ) This was super fun, but somehow, I hurt my elbows, EVEN THOUGH my arms were in the right place…? We dried up, and went for a walk around the camp. Well, I thought it was around the camp, but it turned out to be, around the neighbourhood, and back around the beach, just so we could crawl right back through the back entry of Peter Snell. From here, we did the burma trail, but since it was already so dark, we didn’t have to wear blindfolds. And although visibility was poor, we could still see enough, to prove, that girls only scream for the sake of it. I don't know what was scarier, the teachers rustling leaves, or the fact the the girls, and maybe a few boys that scream like girls, found it scary. We had planned to do spotlight after, but we ran out of time. We went to the hall for a quick meeting, had some hot chocolate and cookies, got ready for bed, then went to sleep. ( Well, most of us did )

We woke up early the next morning, and prepared for the morning run. Although, we were so lucky it happened to be raining that morning, that we ran it in the wet and damp mud. It was a pretty simple course, and easy to remember. Breakfast was simple - Toast, cereal, porridge, yoghurt, and fruit. We could choose what we wanted. I had cornflakes and yoghurt first, then oatmeal, with more yoghurt. After this, we had our first activity. Ours was rifles, which I thankfully knew the location of. It was right next to archery, where we’d been the day before. The rifles area, due to the rain, felt like you were walking in a pile of manure. I ended up scraping my shoes against something, to get the dirt off, every 5 minutes. Rifles ended up being my favourite activity, followed by hobo stoves, mainly because I was good at it, and surprised myself. Although I couldn’t manage to hit a panel ( Tiny little target ) I managed to hit the hanging tins five times in a row ( And we only got 5 shots each turn ) This was really fun, but next, we had the one thing i’d been dreading. Rock climbing. I absolutely hate rock climbing, mostly because of the heights. And although I was proud of myself for making it to the top of the wall, I don't remember much about it, rather than wanting it to end. Afterwards, was lunch, which was MINI PIZZAS! We said the grace again, had our lunch, and went straight back to our activities. Next, was the confidence course. I managed to do almost every obstacle, except for these tire things, which I just couldn’t do. ( And a thing that was closed due to the wet weather ) We didn’t end up doing time trials or anything, and just did the course over, and over, and over, which was surprisingly fun. My favourite part was the cargo net. From here, we went to the initiative course. This was fun, but it was slightly disappointing, because it wasn’t what I was expecting, and it was actually the activity I was looking forward to the most. ( SORRY MUM ) Although, as said, it was still enjoyable, by the end of it, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. It felt more like the agility, balance, and flexibility course. We once again, had spare time, and due to MORE wet weather, the water slide was cancelled. We said grace again, and had dinner. This time, we had chicken, in some sort of curry/ish sauce, broccoli and cauliflower in cheese, along with more random salads. It was nice, but the chicken had bones, so I only got more broccoli and cauliflower for seconds ( I don't like bones ) Dessert was simple. Just ice cream and jelly, which was still nice. From here, we went to the hall for the talent quest. We already knew our item, the quiz, would be a fail, because we’d heard people asking their friends our questions on the bus. SOMEONE had told their friends, and we weren’t happy about it. Either way, the line dances were first, and my group, the Squeaky Ninjas, were last. We didn't get a placing, but I was so happy, because two of my friends were in the winning group, the Tricksters. The look on their faces when I told them the winning group dances infront of the whole school. ( Flawless ) There was a large variety of different acts. Ours was an absolute failure, as said ( Thanks for telling everyone, person whose name we won't mention ) Either way, watching the other acts was a lot of fun. We had hot chocolates, cookies, and went to bed.

The next day, we had breakfast, as always, and packed for snow planet. ( Im not going to explain the bus ride, theres nothing to explain, other than the fact that it was a bendy bus ) We arrived at snow planet, and it looks a lot different than I was expecting. ( The inside, i’ve seen the outside plenty of times ) It looked much nicer than I was expecting. The boots were almost impossible to get on, and the ski boots, unlike the snowboarding ones, felt like i’d tied bricks to my feet. My mum forgot her wallet, so Brookes mum got me gloves ( THANKS SUSAN ) and I had difficulties finding the right size helmet. Some people complained about the cold ( cough Finley cough ) But it was a relief for me. After a couple days in the scorching sun, it was heaven. We had about an hour lesson, where we learnt the basics. ( And by basics I mean how to move around, balance, and how to stop ) Although, i wouldn’t know about the snow boarders, but it was easy to pick up on. Although, from watching them, it was so funny. A lot of my friends, and my sister, were snowboarding, and they were wiping out every second run. I think skiing way SUPER fun, and I had a heap of fun going up and down the general sloped. I also went from the second to top slope, and I had second thoughts when I got there. I planned to go from the top, but it was VERY steep. Either way, it was so fast from that slope, and I couldn’t slow down. I managed to crash into a big blue thingy against the wall ( To stop you if you can’t stop yourself ) Mr.Fourie wiped out right next to me, crashing into the kids play area, over the barrier, it was so funny. We went in to have lunch. I’d ordered a burger, and it was really good. We also got muffins, marshmallows and hot chocolates. We went back out on the snow for a couple of hours, where I went up and down the normal slope, then we returned to Peter Snell. We went from the top of the waterslide, which wasn’t as fun, said grace, and the BEST dinner so far, consisting of Lasagna, salads, and other foods. For dessert, once again, the BEST so far, was apple crumble. We had the Y games ( Weird challenges where you laugh at your friends eating fake baby food ) It was also really fun, although our team lost horribly with a SOLID 19 points. Although, all throughout camp, we had been labeled as the fun group, that just goes with it, has fun, and doesn’t take it too seriously. ( Id prefer to be that team, than the team that's labeled ‘ Screams at team mates when they mess up ‘ ) The parents won, again, with 65, or something like that. Either way, apparently, because of snow planet, everyone was crying they were tired, so we went straight to bed.

The next day, we woke up, and started packing to leave. We had some free time, followed by the top class event. This is when, we do all of the camp activities, and the three classes compete, to finish first ( Rather than the camp groups competing ) I was put on the initiative course, and our class came out on top. We were each given a chocolate bar, and straight after, we packed the bus.

We arrived back at school, and were given bread rolls each, that the parents had all made for us. I also got a second roll, when I came back, because I forgot my bag. I arrived home relieved to be able to rest after a week of camp. BUT THEN…...We had to do the paper run...

Ill add photos soon

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