Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Camp 2015

We were all lined up in the hall with our bags and normal clothes on. The bus was there, waiting while our teacher Mr Fourie was talking to us. Along came the parents and Mr Munro and Mrs Bailey and then we all were good to go. The bus trip was long but we had something to do which was a quiz in our booklet that we had to do, then we finally arrived!! Also, our camp leader was named Chris.

We sorted out our cabins and had some food and then it was Activity
Rotation 1. We were called the Rainbow Warriors and we were doing rock climbing. I wanted to take theImage result for peter snell youth village challenge to climb the black rocks because you could get 100 points and I did it!!!!!! The rest of my team got points too and some of them took the challenge in time but not me.

After dinner we went to the beach. Me and other people saw lots of caves!! ‘Wow’ I thought ‘There are so many caves’ I did get a chance to look inside because lots of my friends wanted to look, some dead ends and ways but we couldn’t go inside the forward ways.

When we got back we could do my favorite thing, THE BURMA TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all lined up in our groups and went into the forest. We got scared some of the time and I got really scared when I thought I heard Nugget the pig coming down the hill but it was just a parent. After that it was lights out. The next morning after breakfast it was Activity Rotation 2!! The confidence course wasn’t really my thing but I did it anyway and let me tell you, it was fun AND hard at the same time.

The thing I found the hardest was the swinging tyres. Next on the list we had to do archery but I couldn’t get the balloons or the targets. I nearly got one though but the damn wind blew it left so it was really annoying. I didn’t do so well in archery, I can tell you that. Everybody else got some bullseyes but not me. After that was the course called the Initiative course. Anyway, it was quite hard. At first we had to do the tyres one on one side and one on the other. One of us had to go in the middle (because they had to help the other person get through the middle from the other side to the other) and get the other people to the other side.

First the short people then the big people and we all made it. Next was another activity but that was before the tyres so let’s move onto the other one called the chinese puzzle. Basically what you had to do was put the numbers 1 to 7 on one pole since there were three and it was timed. I can’t remember our time but what I can remember was that it was very, very easy!!!!! Next was the spider web, my favorite (though easy) thing to do!!!!!!!!!! What we had to do was the same thing as the tyres but this time people had to get THROUGH the web and it was a little bit hard.
We did hobo stoves which was cooking pancakes and I had like 4 of them because they were so DELICIOUS and after that we did our final Rotation which was rifles, and to tell you the truth it was a lot harder than archery. I missed all the targets so much that I had a rage quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEN FINALLY, AT LAST I GOT IT, HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I was so happy!! That night was the talent quest and I was lip syncing Roar by Katy Perry and I made everyone laugh the other talents were good and we all had a good night.

The next day, I had a really good dream until Mr Fourie and Mr Munro woke us up with water guns. But get this, they interrupted my dream when I was high fiving Vin Diesel. I mean, COME ON!!! HE’S MY HERO!!!!!!! So anyway, we were all lined up ready to go to my greatest place, SNOW PLANET!!!!!!!!!  As we got on the bus, we were going to have a great time. As minutes past we got there and got into our snow gear and headed out.

We had to do some training first and our teacher was named Patrick. Some of us didn’t get the hang of it but I did because I went skiing so many times before and Patrick was impressed. He said that me and my friend Carl were good and that we could go to the top but by that time, it was already morning tea!!!! For morning tea we had muffins and Image result for snow planeta hot chocolate but my hands were cold because I didn’t bring any gloves so Mrs Bailey hired me some and said ‘you owe me 9 dollars’ but it wasn’t the first time she said it to me, once I forgot to bring my drink bottle and Mrs Bailey brought me one on the first day and said ‘you owe me 2 dollars’ so anyway. After that I went up the top like a 6 times.

I was having a awesome time ‘wow’ I thought ‘It’s so good to be back!!!!!!!!!!’ Then it was time for lunch. For lunch we had burgers and chips and other people had pizza and chips then it was time to go back out. Image result for snow planetAfter skiing down the hill so many times, I gave up and said ‘I’ve had enough now, even though Mr Fourie said to go back out I didn’t want to and stayed inside. After that we all got in a pitcher the parents were taking and smiled. That night we did something called the Y GAMES which I was going to enjoy!! We all had a great time, eating candy, drinking fizzy drinks (which was in time) and guessing the productions of films. At the end of the day the parents won (again) and a group called the stingerz came second and third I think was the krew or the tricksters, then superheros, the rainbow warriors (that is MY group) and finally the squeaky ninjas but still, it was a great night.

The next morning was the day we were going back to school. And the good news is that Mr Fourie didn’t spray us with water guns in the morning so it was a waste of time waking up at 6:30 but I was lucky my friends didn’t play a prank on me. We had to clean up everything after breakfast, and did one last thing, A CHALLENGE!!!!!! ‘Oh boy, this is going to be exciting’ I said to myself. It was Room 2 vs Room 3 vs Room 4 and we took our places of where we want to be.

I was doing the water slide and by the time I heard Mr Fourie blow his whistle, the sprinters took off like a bullet!!!! Right now Room 3 (The class I’m in) was in the lead and Room 4 was coming second and Room 2 was coming last, to be honest, I did feel quite bad for them. Then finally they reached the water slide and I was the first one to go down.  I had to run BACK up the hill though and when we were finished our class made a number that was 3 and guess what, WE WON!!!!!!! After that we got our bags, put them on the bus and departed from peter snell youth village to reremoana school. The last thing I want to say is that I was sad we were leaving because I’ve been there before when I was year 5 and I will always remember those happy memories.

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