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Camp at PSYV - Tina

iYear 7/8 Camp at Peter Snell Youth Villagei

Day 1
Arriving at school at 8.00am I hurriedly set down my luggage and glanced around trying to spot my friends, brimming with excitement about the next 4 days of fun that was barely beginning. At around 8.20am we were all called in our camp groups (The Krew, the Superheroes, the Rainbow Warriors, the Stingerz, the Tricksters and the Squeaky Ninjas) to begin a briefing from the teachers and Ms Harland about camp and how we were expected to behave.

After loading the bus with all our luggage we got into our seats and prepared for the lengthy ride towards camp keeping an eye out for any signs or buildings that were listed in our camp booklets but halfway through our journey as we were travelling on the motorway, the driver accidentally turned into a park that he believed was our destination and while we were on the motorway again he took a wrong turn leaving us heading the wrong way from the camp but after 20mins of waiting we were finally on the right track only to look up ahead at Peter Snell Youth Village.

Going inside the camp we were met by a picturesque view of the sea and as we looked around we saw a large grass ‘mountain’ of a hill that led from the beach to the bush to the camp grounds and right up to the main buildings where our cabins as well as the dining room were located. We then quickly set down our bags on the long oak deck at the main building and sat down in our group lines and were met by a friendly man named Chris who was the camp manager who briefed us on everything we’d be needing to know about the campgrounds and all the activities we’d be doing.

After the briefing I headed to the east wing where the girls rooms were situated and unfortunately for me and my cabin (5) we were at the other end of the hall but apart from that it was fine as we got to have an hour and a half of free time where we got to meet Nugget, the camps overfed and over loved kunekune pig and adventure around on the playground, trampoline and playing ball games. 

After morning tea the groups headed off to their first activities of the day, my group the Rainbow Warriors first activity was the Rock Climbing Wall where my group got the most group points (1250) and our other activity the confidence course which was full of ropes, Tyre swings and more, I also set the record for the fastest time around the course which was 1.48 seconds.

After lunch and a scrumptious dinner of roast beef, peas and sweetcorn, roasted potatoes and kumara and a delicious dessert of mini sugar donuts and cream we quickly got changed into our togs and took a few goes down the Camp's impressive water slide that went down from the top of a hill, at first I was incredibly nervous and didn't want to do it while going down we were met with several bumps and a big cold splash at the end.

We then went on a long hour walk down to the beach and back and by that time we didn’t have enough time to play spotlight and so we only did the Burma trail which was not actually that frightening or scary but was still very enjoyable to do. So after a quick midnight snack of Milo and biscuits we headed for a much needed rest.

Day 2
Image result for continental breakfast buffetWaking up at 6.45am was tiring but not very hard as I’m a light sleeper but it was hard for some other people in the other cabins who walked out looking totally sleep deprived and exhausted from last night’s late adventures. At 7.00am we had a draining run around the camp and through the Burma trail that made breakfast all the more pleasant, breakfast consisted all sorts of varieties from oats, cornflakes, rice bubbles, homemade muesli, mixed berry yogurt, toast with a number of different spreads and apple slices.

Image result for peter snell youth village archeryOur first activities of the day we're initiative course and archery, in the initiative course you had to use teamwork to figure out the various puzzles and challenges like walking across logs, lifting people through rope spiderwebs and more while in archery we had to learn how to aim, hit balloons and hit the different targets and on my first try I was so panicked about doing it but miraculously I hit the balloon without even looking.

After a morning tea of biscuits and juice we went to our last activities which was hobo stoves and rifles, at hobo stoves we were meant to pair into groups and use old cans and mini portable stoves to create pancakes which didn’t actually turn out that well as they took forever to cook and even when they did seem like they were cooked when you cut inside them there was just batter. Rifles was horrible for me I couldn’t aim properly and when I did it still didn’t hit and after 25 go’s I had only hit the cans 4 times.

For lunch we had mini pizzas before we had free time where we got prepared for the Talent Quest, for dinner we had rice, chicken, coleslaw and spinach while for dessert we had rainbow jelly and vanilla ice cream. We next went on the water slide and fortunately by this time I had finally learned and remembered to hold my breath as I took the last big splash as the last few times I had gone down, I didn't which left me feeling absolutely suffocated as I plunged into the deep water.

Finally at 7.30pm the Talent Quest begun in the hall which was behind the main building, and after the camp line dances had been done with (the Tricksters won) the personal acts started and after a number of creative and interesting performances my group did an act. Although we didn’t place exactly we were still given an award for trying and Jorien, Brooke, Theane’, Jani, Eden, Luke M, Zion, Gabe and Mitchell’s group placed first so after that fun night we headed back to the main building for Milo and biscuits before 30mins quiet time and bed.

Day 3
Image result for snowplanet Again we woke up but instead of doing just one lap around the camp we did two which was absolutely tiresome especially when Mr Fourie made the people who were going to Counties have to run up the ‘mountain’ several times. After breakfast, everyone began packing their day packs and changing into warmer clothes for our day at Snowplanet where we stayed for 7 hours but it was lots of fun, extremely cold and -4 degrees but still very enjoyable and halfway through our day there we had all had a morning tea of muffins and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and a lunch of pizza, burgers and chips.

I did the skiing and went from the top a couple of times and it was very fun and once we arrived back at camp we had dinner which consisted of beef lasagna, fried rice, potato wedges and coleslaw as well as a dessert of apple crumble and cream, although we were going to be doing the water slide it started pouring down and so the we had extra free time and the Y Games started early.

The Y Games was very entertaining but I felt like it lacked something as I appreciated last years Y Games more than this one, also the placings of the Y Games were the Krew (1), the Tricksters (2), the Superheroes (3), the Rainbow Warriors (4) and the Squeaky Ninjas (5). So then we headed back had Milo and biscuits then headed to bed.
Day 4

After what seemed like forever it was the last day of camp and the day w
e’d be going back home to school and to our families. We started the day just like all the others except today we didn’t do fitness which led for a very relaxing morning of breakfast and of course the big final cleanup. I cleaned the hallway for the girls cabin and the foyer by vacuuming until we all went for a final beach walk for half an hour before the last big activity of camp, the Top Class Event.

Image result for victoryI ran the morning run which was the first bit of it but we all assisted with the ending part when the whole class had to use our bodies to form the number of our classroom (mine being Room 3), and fortunately we finished first and Room 3 won! But there was not enough time for victory as we had to hastily load our bags onto the bus as we had started late and so the bus was waiting and just like the journey there, we sat down and waited the long hour and a half to get to our destination.

Image result for auckland motorway
This bus ride was actually quite different from the last as everyone was tired including me and throughout the whole bus ride I was interrupted from my thoughts by Mr Fourie and Mr Monroe as they thought I was sleeping (I wasn’t, I was just relaxing with my eyes half closed while thinking about life, watching the cars go past and I also can’t fall asleep during the day as I’m a very light sleeper and light distracts me from falling asleep).

Image result for reremoana school front gateArriving at school felt so bad but also good as it was time we got back home to our families even though camp was awesome and once we set down our bags outside Room 3 and as I watched parents pick up their kids since my parents were unable to pick me up I had to walk home I still found it fun in a boring sort of way to be binging out on leftover candy from camp while also trying to make conversation with your friends even though you had done that all camp and had nothing left to talk about.

At 3.00pm all the leftover students were finally allowed to be sent home and as I walked out the gate lugging my semi overweight suitcase, pillow and sleeping bag I appreciated going to camp more since as a year 8 I will be leaving the school at the end of the year and it feels good to know I will be leaving with this incredibly memorable experience.

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