Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Year 7/8 Camp!!!!

When we arrived at school at 8.00 am we were all so excited for the best thing all year… Camp
As we got all our Stuff on the bus we went back to the hall and waited and waited and waited to get onto the bus. Then finally we were on the bus and ready to leave, when we got there at 11:45 it took a longer than usual because we missed a few exits and took the scenic route there. When we went around the back we had a quick chat and then had morning tea {i’m pretty sure that was the best part of the day}

The first activity we did was the initiative course this is a course where you have to use your brain to get through challenges the first one was Lava logs where we had three blocks and we had to get to the other end without touching the lava.Then the radiation tires where we had to get through tires without touching the groundIMG_1557.jpg
and two people were able to help by carrying them over there were also a lot more challenges that we did. After the initiative course we had lunch.
After lunch we went to Archery which started off slow after the instructor broke the bow and it took about 5 minutes to actually fix the bow. When we got started with archery we had a competition to see who would win {sadly the girls won}. For dinner we had beef which tasted delicious for dessert we had cinnamon doughnuts which i had 8 after that we went down the waterslide from the middle. Once done we went for a walk across the beach some of the kids did a bit of parkour and others just walked and talked. When we got back we got ready for the Burma Trail when we got in the trail I pictured it to be scary but it really wasn’t. after the Burma Trail it was lights out what a great first day.

The second day we woke 6.30 it was running but that wasn’t gonna stop us from doing the morning run. After the morning run we had to get ready for breakfast for breakfast we had Weetabix,Porridge,Cornflakes,Rice Bubbles and special muesli. The thing that most people had were the rice bubbles. After breakfast we had 15 minutes to get ready the first activity we had was hobo stoves there isn't much to say but we had to cook pancakes tin can. After hobo stoves we had rifles in rifles we had to shoot either tin cans, silhouettes or plates Ryan and Victoria shot the most silhouettes Ping Ping Ping thats all I could hear  in the arena thing. Then finally came lunch!!! MMMMMMMMMM. For lunch we had yummy pizza with ham and cheese and a bit of pineapple It was a yummy Lunch that's for sure. Lunch had finished and now we had Rock climbing,Rock climbing is really fun and I enjoyed it alot. 1st was Andre and he did really good the next quickest was Brooke after was Brody. When everyone was done we had the speed round and Brody did it he got a time of 41 seconds. Then Came the points round and everyone had a go. After this we had confidence course which is the best thing to do the first thing was walk across a log holding a rope, walk on tires a mini flying fox that we had to hold onto without a harness, then was tire swing where we had to get across six moving tires without touching the ground, the final things to do were the rope climb where we had to climb up a rope to get to the end and finally we had to walk across spinning logs to get to the end. After this we had dinner for dinner we had chicken with rice and sweet corn and for dessert we had jelly and ice- Cream. We didn't have the waterslide because it was raining so that gave us more time to get ready for the talent quest. When it came time for the talent quest everyone was ready it was group against group against group against {you get the point} when the camp groups were done they announced the winners 3rd The Krew 2nd was Superheroes and 1st was………… The TRICKSTERS!!!! they won and finally camp talent quest. When everyone talent quest was done the winners were announced 3rd Chloe's Olivia Katie Shaun and Keegan's group 2nd The Lip Syncers and 1st ………………… Jorien Theane Brookes group. The talent quest had finished and it was lights out. IMG_1857.jpg

The third day we woke up to getting sprayed in the face by mr fourie and mr munro after we had breakfast then the morning run and after SNOWPLANET. After getting our stuff we got in the bus and we were ready for SNOOOOOW PLANE TTT. when we got there we got our stuff we needed and headed into the ice cold snow 1st we got our lessons then morning tea after morning tea we had free time and boy was it fun snowboarding so many people fell over after about 2 hours of falling over we had lunch and boy was i starving for lunch we had burgers or pizza i had the burger because it's the best after we went back out for and hour and then went back to camp when we got back we had dinner and for dinner we had lasagne and for dessert we had apple crumble with cream. MMMMMMMMM then the waterslide and finally Y Games. Y games are the best you get challenging tasks to do like eat an onion whole zombie chew without using your hands blow a ball in mid air and make the other person catch it in there mouth all of these were challenging tasks that we had to do. Once A game was over it was lights out.

The next day was top class event but before that we had cleanup we had to clean up everything replace the sheets mop the floors vacuum do everything to make the camp tidy. Finally we had breakfast we had the same as all the other breakfasts but we got apple crumble with it. After we finally had TOP CLASS EVENT TTTTTTT where we ad to do everything we did at camp starting with the morning run from the morning run came initiative course then confidence course after archery then rifles and finally the waterslide. GO the morning run people ran as fast as they could when everyone was done they ran over to me i ran to the initiative course and around until all thing were done when done we had to make the number 3 ad room 4 had to make the number 4 who was done first……………………………………… Room 3. When everything was done we got our stuff got on the bus and headed home Image result for small Water Slide

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