Wednesday, 11 November 2015


In the 6 Week holidays my family I and some friends went whangamata which has the best beaches nice weather and nice walkways.The best thing about it is that the nice weather means we can go outside and play some cricket in the front yard which is 

massive eventually we play from 10am-4pm in the afternoon  non stop but we do have a bit of breaks for lunch and stuff.Also we always go to the beach everyday unless it is raining but if it is we get to stay inside and watch a bit of the cricket over in Australia which always has good whether over there.And after the beach we would always go for a walk to the dairy or drive to the shops and buy some stuff for ourselves.But when ever we didn’t go to the beach we went to the pools which is ok I would rather go  to the beach.

Then we normally we would go to pauanui which is like half an hour away from Whangamata and that is not that good as Whangamata cause the beach isn't that good but Pauanui has better shops than Whangamata But at our friends Batch the have a jet-Ski a golf Cart we always play cricket out on the street or we are playing xbox in the garage or we are watching the cricket either over here or over in Australia.But when we are always there it is New Years And we have a great night Either watching a movie or listing to music it is always a fun night and we stay up to like 1 am in the morning.
That Morning we went to the beach and it was a mess there was rubbish Everywhere we didn’t even get into water we were just playing cricket on the beach and but then we went to go have a ride on the Jet-ski which is so much  fun especially if you're on the donut you go airborne a lot of times I nearly went of the Donut and into the water whenever we go on the jet-ski I always have a good time.Also every night we would have a BBQ or Takeaways it was really yum.But Eventually had to end and we went home after two weeks of fun with all my friends and family then we got to play with our stuff that we got for Christmas and we got to tell everyone about our holiday I cant wait till next time we go.

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