Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Image result for massive mythical sea creaturesin the depths of lake superior there is a monster the lurks around the shore.some people say its a mythical creature and some say it's a massive fish.people that have possibly sighted it say it's 60 meters long and weighs up to 2 and a half tonneImage result for massive mythical sea creatures
many people have tried fishing for this legendary beast but none have come back alive and today it could be my chance.

me and my crew set off from shore in the super eagle and it is going to take 2 days to get to our destination where the creatures den is.

our skipper said that it will be a good idea to set up a massive net to hopefully catch the almighty beast.an hour went past and then the net went haywire it was getting dragged away.we quickly pulled up the net and it had a humongous hole in it.

the on board marine biologist said that we should send a dive team down and explore the cave that the creature has apparently been living.our dive crew was ready to go and they had to be back up in 3 hours to change oxygen or to have a rest.

the time was up and only one diver rises to the surface and then a half of a body floated to the top.the scientist examined the body and it turn out that the creature has obviously eaten him in half.

we threw the body back for bait and this time we chucked out a chain net which would go right down to the bottom where we can hopefully catch the creature.and hour went past and the net was slowly getting dragged away so we grabbed the winch and pulled it in as fast as we can.the winch was shaking and we were struggling to take it in but eventually it got easy and we pulled up the humongous creature and it was history made.

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