Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Peter Snell Youth Villiage

Bang my eyes open I wake up seeing my bags all packed together  I arrive at school. Feeling excited for this year's camp. I put my bags down outside the hall and line up in my camp groups. When we get let to go on the bus it is already packed full people but I find an empty seat. On the way to camp we got given an activity to do, on the activity we had to find these different things on the way to camp. When we got to camp we were so happy we finally got to camp because it looked like our bus driver didn’t even know where he was going for the whole trip, I think this because he got lost twice!

After eating our Lunch our first activity was the initiative course the first activity on it was really easy it only took like 2mins to complete all the others were pretty easy. After we finished the initiative course we had afternoon tea which was just a couple biscuits. After lunch we went onto our second activity which was archery I found this activity the most fun of the whole day because i’ve done archery a couple times before so I knew what I was doing. I got the outside of the bullseye like 4 or so times. The boys in my group versed the girls in my group and we loss. When we got back it was dinner time I can’t remember what we had but I know it was really nice. After dinner we did the awesome waterslide it was sad that we couldn’t go from the top because we had to go from halfway to get used to it and for safety reasons. After the waterslide it was dark so we did the Burma trail. I didn’t find the Burma trail scary at all because the camp did nothing scary at all this time unlike last year when we were blindfolded and make pig noises and other things like that. Then finally to end the day up we went to bed.

We woke up for the next day get dressed and wait outside for our morning run, well not really outside just next to the door because it was raining. I grab my jacket I come back and we’re about to start our run, the girls go first and then it’s our turn Mr Fourie blows the whistle like an angry gorilla. we start our run doing only one lap because it was raining  was way easier than running anymore because it was sunny. After the morning run we had breakfast, for breakfast sept I couldn’t have anything else I had my own food. After breakfast we did our 3rd activity which for our group was hobo stoves in hobo stoves we made pancakes which was delicious we did this activity with my Mum. After this we had morning tea which was biscuits. After morning tea we did rifles I found this the best activity of the day because i’ve only shot a gun once before so I was definitely looking forward for it. I shot one of these tiny silhouette things and then at that moment I was feeling good. We finish rifles and now it is lunch time for lunch the cooks cooked me up an omelette because I couldn’t have any of the other foods and it was nice. After lunch we did rock climbing. Even though it was tough to do I enjoyed it. I reached the top and then came back down. Even though it took me like 6 minutes to get to the top I rang the the bell that went ding ding dong,  I was glad I made it, I felt I was the worst climber in the boys in my group. Once we finished rock climbing we had a little break and then we went to the awesome confidence course. The confidence course was definitely easier than the year 5 and 6 camp. The first part of the confidence course was a long plank of wood you had to go across with onto a rope next was by far my favourite bit of the course it was the flying fox I was actually hoping the flying fox will be a longer than three seconds  but it wasn’t. But there was one incident that made me feel uneasy though and that was when Victoria fell into a creek which would definitely hurt with all the rocks in there. Anyway after the flying fox Sue and Brooke Pratley Mum showed our group this owl they found in the tree. After that we did the tire swings that I failed at (I kept falling off.) Then it was the cargo net that was pretty fun because mainly what happened was on after it,  just from the fact it was jumping over obstacles. After we finished the course we came back to the main part of the camp and had dinner and we had lasagne, but because I wasn’t allowed the lasagne they cooked me up mince which was nice. After dinner it was all intense because tonight was the night when it was talent quest, for talent quest we had to do a camp group performance and a group performance (for the group performance you can choose who's in your group. First it was our camp groups to go up first but there was bad news our group went first, the good news however was that our camp group came first. Back to bad news it was our turn to do our normal group item. Our group failed though (we did a quiz) and obviously didn’t get a placing. The funniest act of the night was probably BJ’s group when they did lip syncing to funny as songs. After we finally finished the night we had a hot drink and a muffin and then went to bed.
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We wake up the next morning getting ready for breakfast. For breakfast we have cereal and toast well for me instead of toast it was corn thins. After breakfast we pack the bus for snow planet. We arrive at Snow Planet and get our skiing or snowboarding gear on (I did snowboarding.) When we got our gear on we went out and had a lesson on how to snowboard or ski so we knew actually how to use them. After our lesson we had morning tea for morning we had a hot chocolate and a muffin. After morning tea we went out in the snow and did random things without an instructor. This session was the funnest because we had freedom to do our own things eg have races. After the session was done it was lunch time for lunch I had a burger and chips but because I couldn’t have the burger I just had chips. After Lunch it was more freetime me and my Mum snowboarded with each other for a while then we came in. My Mum brought me an lemonade and then we were on the trip back to camp. When we got back we had dinner then did the Y games my favourite moments were when I got to eat a zombie chew without hands mainly because I demolished through it literally, my second favourite moment was gulping down the soft drink I didn’t even stop drinking it. After the Y games we went to bed.

It’s the last day we had breakfast and then did the top class event. I was set to do the waterslide and was fun because the waterslide was by far my favourite part on camp. When I went down the waterslide I had to run back up and get into our class number and the first one to get into their class number won and we did that so we came first. Our class got a chocolate bar each and we were happy. We cleaned out our cabins and we put our bags outside.

We’re loading the bus heading back to school I put my suitcase where the suitcases go and hopped on the bus. We are on our way back to school with the same bus driver that got lost on the way here, i’m just hoping he doesn’t get lost this time. We arrive at school have a little meeting my Mum was one of the helpers so she took me home.

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