Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My bag is packed I'm at school and getting ready to go on the bus. Our bus driver got last a few times but eventually he found Peter Snell Youth Village. When we arrived at the campground we lined up in our camp groups to have  a quick meeting. My camp group was called the krew and after the meeting we would go on settle into our cabins.
We had two activity rotations on our first day at camp, the activities my group and I did was hobo stoves and rifles. What we did for the hobo stoves was that we would cook pancakes in the woods but my favourite activity for the day was the air rifles. After dinner everyone had a turn on the waterslide, it was so much and went super fast. Then everyone would get ready for the burma trail. It was real dark and I couldn't see where I was going. We would go in groups and Luckily I was near the back of the line in my group so the people at the front would warn me if I was going to stand in a ditch or something like that. It was then time for bed, I had a awesome first day at camp and had heaps of fun, I couldn't wait for the next day at camp.

I woke up and was ready for the second day of camp and  knew it was going to be as much fun as the first day at camp, if not better. After the morning run and breakfast we got straight into the activity rotations and my group's first activity was rock climbing. Everyone in my group made it to the top and had loads of fun. I really enjoyed rock climbing but it was then time for the initiative course my group didn't do to well at it at the start but then after a while we got the hang of it. Then we had the confidence course which I found difficult and I last activity was archery. We had the waterslide again that night and then we had the talent show. My camp group came third out of all the camp groups and my dance group came third out of all the performances I really enjoyed the talent show.

Everyone hopped on the bus with their bags packed with warm clothes for snowplanet. When we arrived at snowplanet we put on all the snow gear and got ready to go out on the snow. You could choose if you wanted to ski or snowboard but I choose skiing. We spent the whole day at snowplanet and everyone had loads of fun. I choose to ski, at first I wasn’t too good at it but then I got the hang of it and had a really good time. Snow planet was one of my favourite things about camp and I hope I can go again one time. When we arrived back at the campground we had some free time and dinner. It was then time for the Y-games, I think everyone had a good time and really enjoyed the Y-games even though the parents won. The last day of camp was probably the best and i didn't want to leave.

I had a great time at PSYV, my favourite thing about camp has to be snow planet. I really enjoyed snow planet  and the loads of fun. We then got on the bus and went back to school. It was a really fun camp and I can't wait till camp next year.

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