Wednesday, 11 November 2015

PSYV - Jani

On the 3rd of November I woke up and got ready for CAMP!
As I arrived at school with my bags we were just walking around a bit waiting for everyone to arrive. When the bus arrived we went into the hall and made sure we had everything we needed. Then we got on the bus and we were on our way. While we were on the bus we had a quiz to do on the way we had to count how many petrol stations there were from one place to another and more. When we got there we gathered our bags and went to the meeting area we were told the safety instructions and then went to our cabins when the hooter went we had to meet back at the meeting area and we then had morning tea.

After we had morning tea we got ready for our first activity and it was the initiative course. Initiative course is where you have to solve problems and puzzles with your teammates and our team had a lot of fun. Then we had some lunch that we brought from home and then we went to our next activity which was archery. We then went to archery and we had a lot of fun we had a challenge against the boys and the girl and the girls won. We then went over for dinner and had beef and veggies and doughnuts for dessert we then got changed for the water-slide. When we headed down to the water-slide we were all freezing cold and we hadn’t even went on it but we had to go on it twice from the middle and once from the top at least. When we got changed into warm, dry clothes we decided to go for a walk on the beach before we went on the burma trail. When we got back from the walk we had to wait outside for the burma trail to start, we went straight until Mr Fourie told us to go into the forest and then we started following the rope and it was so much fun. When we finished we went to to the kitchen and had some milo and biscuits and then we went to bed.

The next day we woke up early to get ready for the morning run we had to run up the hills and go through the back of the burma trail and up more hills and then finish. We had about 10 minutes after the run to get ready for breakfast we had porridge, toast with spreads, cereal and yoghurt after that we had free time to shower or get ready for the activities.
First we had hobo stoves where we have time to relax while cooking pancakes on tins and you have to wait until they're cooked to eat them but they took  forever to cook so we were bored most of the time for this activity and went to morning tea where we had some juice and biscuits.
Next we went to the rifles were we got to shoot with air rifles next to the archery we were in groups the boys and the girls we all got five turns and then it was the next person and when it got to us again we then had three until we had to go back for lunch.
We then had some mini pizzas and went to the next activity which was rock climbing.
Then when we got there we all just had one turn and after that we all could climb some more to get points for our team. if we climbed from the pink we got 50 points and from the grey we got 100 points and I was the first from our group to climb from the grey and got 100 points for our team.
Then straight after that we went to the confidence course and we had to walk over logs and ropes and other things like that but one of them was a flying fox and we all made it except Viki she tried but then she fell off and fell into the creek but later she joined back in and finished the course.
Later we had dinner and for dinner we had chicken with rice and veggies for dessert we had jelly with ice cream. After that we got ready for the water-slide but then it was cancelled because it was raining and then we all just got ready for the talent quest. When we were all in the hall the teachers picked a camp group to go first for the line dance and it was group 5 and that was my group The Tricksters and then after all the group line dances it was the friend group ones and our group went 2nd to last and at the end we were going to find out who came first in both and the group that came 3rd was The Krew, 2nd was The Superheroes and first was The Tricksters which was my group and for the others the group that came 2nd was the boys dance/lip sync group and first was MP which was my group so we got prizes and I came first in both. After that we went to our cabins got ready for bed and went to sleep.

When we woke up the next day we had the morning run as usual and then had breakfast and it was all the same after that we got ready to got to snow-planet. We left at 9.00 and when we got there we got our gear and then we had an instructor to show us how to ski. After that we had one and a half hours before we went inside for morning tea and that was a muffin with hot chocolate then we went back to ski. Me and some of my friends went from the whole top and then we went inside after about two hours of more skiing for lunch we had pizza with juice and then we went back to skiing for the last hour and a half and then we went back to camp. When we got there we had a bit of free time and then had dinner we had pasta for dinner and fruit crumble for dessert and then we went on the water-slide, after that we got changed into warm clothes for the Y Games in the hall. For the Y games I was number four and we had a lot of different challenges there was movies, music and food and random ones too. After the Y games it was really late and so we got ready and then went straight away to bed.

When we woke up we were all sad to say that it was the last day but we had to make the best of it so went to the kitchen and had breakfast because we didn’t to the morning run so that we could pack our things and then we got ready for the top class event and everyone in our class had to participate  and I was part of the initiative course and our class came first as well and after that was finished we had to put our bags in the bus and then we got on the bus and we went back to school. When we arrived at school we got our bags and went to the classes and waited to go home.

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  1. Hi there,
    What a nice piece of writing! I really enjoyed reading about what you all did on camp. It sounds like you had a really good time =)
    Miss Ashworth