Wednesday, 11 November 2015

PSYV Kereru Team Camp

On the 3rd of November all of the yr 7&8 gathered together in the hall with all their gear ready for camp. At 8:45 we loaded the bus and sat ourselves in the hall in our team lines, after checking that we had everything in our day packs we headed to the bus and climbed aboard. our camp was at Peter Snell youth village.

At first we were headed in the right direction but then the bus driver took to the peter blake camp site, after redirecting him, he took us back on the right path, but yet again he led us astray and drove right past the turnoff and almost took us to  puhoi. (what a trip) Finally Mr Fourie showed our bus driver the way and we arrived at Peter Snell youth village in time for our first rotation.

My camp group was the Stingerz, our first activity was the confidence course, we had to make our way over suspended logs and tiers, over cargo nets and  some more spinning logs. Our second rotation that day was the initiative course, we had to make our way through a ‘lava’ pit, over a balancing beam and through a spider webb. After we had done our rotations the water slide was turned on and we all went down from half way.
The second day we we had breakfast at camp and then we went off to our 3 rotation, for us it was the Archery, the boy and girls had a competition against each other but the boys won :(. We then had morning tea and headed off to our 4 activity which was the hobo stoves, for that we had to mix together batter and we got to make pikelets on large cans heated with little burning canisters. When the batter was done, we moved on to our fifth activity and that was rifle shooting, we had to shoot at cans that were about 30m away, we then had a competition between the boys and girls and the boys won once again.

On Thursday, we all got ready for snowplanet, we spent the whole day there. Once we arrived at Snowplanet we separated into the two groups (snowboarding and skiing), put on all our gear and headed out for our lessons. The lessons took up the first hour of the day, after that we had a small morning tea and then we went back in for some more time on the snow, an 1 hr ½ later we came out for some lunch:pizza or a burger. Once our stomachs were full we went out once again and had another 1 hr ½ on the snow. When we finally arrived back at camp it was time for the Y games.

The Y games is basically a whole lot of challenges of trivia questions put together. The groups were: The Krew, The Superhero, The Rainbow Warriors, The Stingerz, The Tricksters, The Squeaky Ninjas, and of course The Parents. The first section was trivia questions, for that we had to answer questions about movies and songs, then we went into the food section, for that we had to do things like: see how could skull the drink the fastest, eat the marshmallow string the fastest, eat the zombie chew the fastest and more, in the end the Parents won (like they do every year).

In the end, This was the best camp so far. As a Year 8 I am glad to have gone because I was able to have so much with all my friends, if you ever get the chance to go on camp, you should because you will never forget the experiences you have there.

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