Monday, 16 November 2015

PSYV year 7/8 camp

PSYV Camp!!!

On the second of November the year 7 and 8 went to Peter Snell Youth Village for a four day camp. When we arrived at school we had to patiently wait for the roll to be called so that we could head off to camp. When we got on the bus it was filled with laughs, half way through we went on multiple scenic routes. On the way to PSYV we were all laughing and having a great time.

When we arrived at PSYV we all got out and had a briefing with Chris, our camp leader. When the briefing was done we all walked to our cabin and set up everything.
IMG_1530.jpgBAM! My gun shook in my hand, our first activity at PSYV was air rifles during our activity we learnt how to aim for the target and safety around air rifles/guns. When I was sharp shooting on our first go I got ⅘ shots, on our other rounds I would on average get ⅔ shots. As we were walking to our next activity we could hear the bell being rung from the top of the wall. Our next activity was rock climbing, most people made it to the top. When we were struggling the group challenge to see what group gets the most points, our team didn't succeed as well as we were hoping we would. That night we all went as groups into the burma trail, during the trail you could hear were screams and lots of laughs from the students and the teachers/parents. After the burma trail we all headed up to the cabins and got ready for bed after a long day at PSYV.

IMG_1917 2.jpg
The next morning we all woke up at around 6:30 so we would all be ready to go on our morning run. The morning run would consist of running up the hill around the reception down the concrete path and through the burma trail. When we were finished with the run we went to breakfast and after breakfast we went to our first activity. Our first activity was the confidence course, during the course there were a few slips here and there and quite a few laughs along the way but we all managed to get through the course successfully. Next we had the Initiative course, our first task was we had to get our team from one side of the poles to the other, our team took around 11 minutes to complete. That night we did our talent quest, in #3 was the Krew #2 was the superheroes #1 The tricksters.

The next morning we went on our morning run we did two laps of the coarse then we headed inside to go and get ready for snow planet. On the bus, it was filled with laughs and giggles. We were like chattering monkeys when we finally  arrived at snow planet we got into our snow boots, got our helmets, our gloves and our skies/snowboards. After we were all ready to go we headed out to the snow and started our lesson. During our lesson I learnt how to snowboard, how to stop a snowboard and how to turn on a snowboard. When our lesson was over we had morning tea then went back to skiing/snowboarding, along the way there were a few falls but after awhile I got the hang of a snowboard. In the last hour and a half I went from snowboarding to skiing, I learnt how to ski from Adah, Ella, Kaitlyn and Meggan. After a long day at snow planet we headed back to PSYV and ran straight to our rooms to go and do the waterside. We all went from the top of the water slide, After the water slide we got dressed then headed to the hall so we could start the Y games. During the Y games people had to do some of the most Weirdest things you could think of.IMG_2010 2.jpg

On the last day we all did a major clean up of the camp and got all our belongings together so that we could pack them on the bus. After a big thank you to all the parents and all the staff from PSYV we went and grabbed out bags and headed to the bus. We all piled on the bus, during the long drive people started to slowly fall asleep but were soon awaken by either their friends or Ms Munro or Mr Fourie. Along the way we had a few laughs here and there but mostly stayed quiet due to how tired we were. When we arrived at school we just stayed in room 3 until we were aloud to leave and go home to go and rest.  

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