Tuesday, 17 November 2015


The Best Camp!!!

On Tuesday the 3rd of November 58 year 7,8's set off for their camp at peter snell. We all had to arrive early so that we could get our team sorted and put all of our bags into the bus. We did the roles and then we were able to hop into the bus and set off for our big journey ahead. And in the end it was a big journey because the bus driver, long story short turned the wrong way and ended up first taking us on the scenic route, which buses could not go on. Second, he missed the turn off and we ended up going through the toll tunnels, and then we ended up coming straight back.

-Day 1-
We got there, finally. I walked around the corner and was just at awwwww. We sat on the deck and had to go over all off the do's and the don'ts of the site. And how to be safe with the rifles and with the archery. Even though it was long and boring, it had to be done so that we were all safe, going around the camp site. Then we went to our first activity. My group was the winning group (sarcasm) The krew (I don’t know who won). Our first activity was hobo stoves. After doing all the others the hobo stoves where the least of my favourites. Then we had dinner, and finally went to the water slide and had to learn how to go down it safely. Hooter went and we had to all come and get ready for our walk along the beach. Along the beach was a nice walk, all you could hear was either the person beside you, or the waves crashing. You could see the sun going down and a nice view of the auckland lights which made the moment look special. After we finished and were walking up the path getting ready to go back to camp u could tell the sun had gone down and now we were heading over to the burma trail. Our team did good considering we were the first one to go through it, although there were a few screams, it was not that bad at all. We came back had some biscuits and a Milo, and after all that what some people had been doing (Screaming), i’m sure they needed it. After that we hit the sack

-Day 2-
The next morning even though it was too early for most of us (Not for Milo), we had to get up for the morning run. It is really hilly around whangaparaoa and we had to find it out the hard way. Breakfast came and went, and then we moved onto our 2nd day of activities. First up, we had rock climbing and it was fun because I got the best time even though it was really slippery and wet. Second, was the Confidence course which was really fun, although we could not be timed on it as it was to wet, to go to fast on. We came in for lunch and for lunch we had mini pizzas, which was the one and the only lunch the PSYV was going to be putting on, and the lunch was soooo good. I could not believe it but we were now moving on to our last activities which were the inictive course, and the archery. Both off the activities were  fun to finish off with. That night we had the talent quest, my group came 2nd!!! We also had camp line dances and in that my group came 3rd. It was a really nice night, I loved it and I am sure that a lot of others did as well

-Day 3-
Day 3 was the day that everybody had been waiting for, it was the day that we were going to Snow Planet. By the end of the day there had been a few people change from snowboarding to skiing. Skiing became the popular thing to do by the end of the day!!! And, I can’t say that there was not any big crashes. There were heaps. Some of them: People going backward going up the chairlift because they had let go wrong, I was coming down from the top and then did a forward flip and slid on my head halfway down the hill. Some people tripping people up as they fall off and other try to swerve around. (Not gonna mention any names here) But all up it was an AWESOME day, and I am sure everyone enjoyed it. Also because no one went home with any Broken Bones, this time. That night we had the Y-Games and the parents won again!!!

-Day 4-
Day 4 was the day that we had to leave and do the final clean up stuff. Like cleaning up the bedrooms and making sure they are vacuumed and are clean and tidy. After that we had the top class event and ROOM 3 WON!!!! But at the end of the day it was a great time spending time with FRIENDS and teachers, and certainly a great experience for all that went. And to sum it up in a few words: Experience, Friendships,    

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