Thursday, 19 November 2015


The first day of camp was my most stressful. Always thinking that I had forgotten something, sitting waiting in our camp lines (TRICKSTERS) waiting for the bus to arrive, talking to friends and campers just looking forward to camp. But still I had that doubt in my mind about if I had everything. Suddenly the bus had arrived getting all of my things together I started to head to the bus with Tristan, Finley, Jack and Tyrone, we sat down and started to get ready and make jokes about what was going to happen those next 3 days.

We arrived at camp, we all got into our camp group lines and we were introduced to the rules and regulations of the camp grounds. After that we were sent to put our things in our cabins and get ready for our first activity. In my cabin it was me and some of my good friends, Jack,Tyrone,Tristan,Jared and Mikil. We all started to have arguments on who was sitting where but while they were doing that I threw all of my stuff onto one of the top bunks and walked off to have a look at the rest of the camp.

My team's first activity was the initiative course, a really fun, hard course that was all about thinking and using your brain to try and figure out the problems as fast as you can. The first thing we did was the lava puzzle. You had to work your way to the finish by putting down planks into little posts with cut outs for each plank. The planks had to fit and each plank could only have 5 people on it at a time. It was really hard at first but eventually we worked it out. The rest of the initiative course was not to hard but it was still really fun.

Archery was our second activity and definitely my favourite of camp. I really didn’t think that I was going to do well but like normal I was wrong. Paul who was our instructor was giving us a demonstration on how we should shoot the bow. He did it without any arrows and bent the bow backwards and for about 10 minutes started to tinker with it to fix it, thankfully he did. Andre was first up from the boys, I helped him with it and we got a alright score of the targets. After Andre it was me, I knocked the arrow into the bow string and lifted up started to aim, pulled the string back and then after a few seconds I let go. It was a really good shot and it landed right on the target. My second and third were just as good. Throughout the rest of the activity I had lots of fun and did some really good shooting.

That night we had the burma trial, it was nowhere near as scary I as   it was meant to be but still quite a lot of fun. It was really late at night but we could still see which was what stopped it from being scary. Me and Andre were at the front of the line of our group. We could see anything in the forest that moved. We saw different parents that were about to scare us and we would just point at them and they would have to stop. Only one parent actually scared our group and that was Nick's dad Paul. He jumped out of a tree and screamed and almost landed directly on top of me.

On the second day we woke up at 6:45 in the morning and got ready for the morning run. It was pouring down with rain but everyone still had to do it. We ran through the burma trail and it was really cool to see it in the light. All of the different streams that we fell into and all of the roots from the trees that we fell over. After that we all got ready for breakfast.

One of my favourite activities of that day was the air rifles. It wasn’t to hard for me because I do target shooting quite regularly and I knew what to do and all of that stuff. But it was fun watching the new people to shooting learning on how to shoot and also seeing the people who were actually quite good at it. I got 5 of the little silhouettes and the balloons.
I found the climbing wall pretty hard, but I still managed to do it. The people before me in the group did a pretty good job and that made me think that it was going to be easy, but of course it wasn’t. It was super hard to get grip and pulling yourself up was pretty painful. But it was still fun to cheer on friends who were in my group and get to the top.

Next we had the confidence course, basically a huge course full of obstacles that we would have to climb and move our way through and try to get to the end in the fastest time. I think that I did pretty well with it and it was super fun. It was really fun doing the tires swings because it was all about moving fast across. The day was lots of fun and I was looking forward to the next day… Snowboarding!!!!!
Snowplanet was the highlight of camp, it was super fun all day we just talked to friends raced and tried to learn how to ski or snowboard. I did snowboarding and found it really hard at first but later on in the day it became super easy. It was great just sliding through the snow going fast and trying to avoid all of the people who were crashing in front of me. I just want to head back there and do more and more.

Camp overall was a great experience and I had a lot of fun with all of my friends. If you are in year 7 or 8 camp is something that you just need to go!!!

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