Monday, 2 November 2015

Rainbows ends

Image result for rainbows  hot chipsImage result for gold rush rainbows endIt was a nice summer day i and my cousin and my family went rainbows end for my cousin birthday it was a really cool because i got to go on the scorpion go kart and all sort of ride after that i got to eat hot chips and it was so fun because after that we got to go and eat some cake but i only had little so after i had little of cake me and my cousin went and had a challenge who can come first so we got on i went to the very very first one i jump on so get ready go so we all went i was at the front i saw my cousin trying to catch me but they couldn't so i was  trying my best to make sure that i come first so i was nearly at the finish line so i just got there and then my cousin just got me so after that went on to  corkscrew roller coaster also after that we got to go on one more ride we decided to go on gold rush so after that we went home and had a little sleep.       

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