Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Reremoana Athletics 2015
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“Hurry up, we want to get on the bus first”, is all I hear in my ears and we are doing the role before we hopped onto the bus. We get there and “Bang”, Dean shots the gun, and it goes off and the first time today. One of many, many more shots that we are gonna hear. Even though there is a long time, till my first race, me and some of the other go and warm up.

Massey Park was where Reremoana held our Athletics day on Friday. It was a perfect day with hopefully an amazing day to come with all my other friends for my last athletics day as a year 8 student. My first event came and I was warmed up and ready to go, although a couple of days earlier my heel had been hurting. After the race I just could not even hardly walk on my foot, and so I had to take a couple a panadols, so that I would be able to run my last relay for my house and for Reremoana School.

Probably one of my favourite events that I did was either high jump, long jump or my 1500 meter race. High jump because, it was a awesome atmosphere and everyone (All the years 8’s) were having and good time at there last Reremoana School athletics day. Long jump everyone had a great time, with milo face planting in the sand, which was the best face plant of the day. And then when zion SMASHED the record. And the 1500 meter race, cause even though I hurt my foot, I just love long distance running altogether.

At the end of the day, it was the perfect day to be having a school athletics day on and I’m sure was a day that everyone enjoyed. And I would like to say a Big Thanks to Mr Fourie for making this day possible, also Mrs van zyle. So to sum the last Reremoana school athletics day up in a few words Awesome, Friendships, Hot, and just GREAT!!

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