Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Vishay's Camp writing

Day 1

When we reached PSYV we meet Chris and he gave us so camp rules and after that we went to our cabins and we choose our sleeping arrangement.(not really it was the first one there really).  Then we went outside and played with the the balls and

vortex. Until our first rotation. Before that we had to put sunblock on and refill our drink bottles.   Then it was time to for our first  rotation the Squeaky Ninjas  did archery. Callum  got a bullseye and most of the people got in the black board or got it on the paper target . Then  we had hobo stoves we had to cook like hobo not really because we had our own gas and equipment. So we had pancakes. Me and Zion had the best  pancakes running in the inside buts cooked on the outside. Then we put the smiley  pancake mix as snail. I poured the mix on to the tin can,  instead of putting a little bit I put heaps and Zion said”chill Vishay!!!
Then we tried to flip the pancake we kinda made a huge delicious mess.  Then it was time for dinner, so we had a chat before going in. For dinner we had Roast beef, roast potato and Kumar and mixed veges. After dinner we went on a beach walks. Then after that we went on the Burma trail. All the girls started scream when they stand in a ditch or when the heard the leaves rustling or they heard the a pig noise.(all by the parents).  Then we had milo and biscuits. Then it was  time for bed but before that we did our journal entry then we had to sleep.

Day 2
At 6.30 my cabin woke because Milo he thought It was 6 to 7 but it was only 6.30. Then we got ready for the morning run. Then we got ready for breakfast. After that we had rotation in the rain. My group did riffles I hit the tin but couldn't hit the paddles. Then my team did rock climbing. Everyone in my team made it to the top of the wall. Then we had lunch and we had mini pizza and fruit and muffin. After lunch we had  confidence course it pretty difficult because on the tyres I hurt my groin. Then we had the innovative course  I’ll say we start off pretty bad then awesome and back to fun. Then we played with  the balls and then we had dinner. We had Chicken and rice and veggies. Then we had the talent show. It was a really funny my favourite was Milo lip syncing to Roar. Then we had Milo and biscuits. Then we went to sleep.

Day 3

Image result for snowplanet
Then we woke up and went on our morning run. Then we had breakfast and set off for snow planet. I learnt how to snowboard it was really fun but sore. For lunch I had a burger and chips. At 4.00 we left.Some people fell a asleep and got woken up Mr Fourie. Then back at camp we went on the waterside from the top  it so fun cause we got air. Then it was the why games. It was funny seeing Eden trying to a an eyeball joking a onion. Then we went to sleep.

Day 4
We got to sleep in because we didn't do the morning run. Then we had our top class event and Room 3 won. The it was time to leave. Camp was really  learnt how to climb and cook like a hobo and other stuff.

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