Monday, 16 November 2015

Year 7/8 Camp 2015 - Leche

Year 7/8 Camp - PSYV

After a few wrong turns we finally arrived at Peter Snell Youth Village. As soon we unpacked and got settled into our cabins, Chris who is one of the leaders at PSYV, gave us a briefing of where we could and couldn’t go and then we could get ready for our first rotation...

For our first rotation we did air rifles, I was really excited for this because I had never done it before, our second rotation was rock climbing I liked this rotation because I think our team collaborated the best as we worked together and communicated.

After we did our rotations for the day we had a bit of free time and then had dinner. After dinner the fun began… we went down the freezing cold water slide and then had the Burma trail. I thought the Burma trail was really funny and a good activity for our team to grow trust in each other and it was like we were actually climbing through the amazon jungle.

On day two we got up at 6:45 and got ready for our morning run which lead us through the dark, cold Burma trail. After that we had breakfast and then got ready for our last rotations. Our third rotation was the confidence course, I didn’t mind this rotation but I think it would have been better if it wasn’t all slippery and wet, our fourth rotation was the Initiative course and I found this course
IMG_1887 2.jpg
really funny, mainly because it took our team like 10-15 mins to complete each activity. 

Our fifth rotation was archery and I really liked this rotation because I think our team was good because almost everyone got a bulls eye and after the rotations we had the talent show.

Day three was the best day at camp because that was the day we set off to Snowplanet, when we arrived there we got our skis or snowboards and had our 1 hour lesson before we got to have free time on the snow. Mr Fourie was like a bullet on skies and I really enjoyed Snowplanet because I had never been there before and I found it really fun. When we arrived back in Peter Snell Youth Village we got prepared for the Y games...

IMG_1637 2.jpgOn the last day of camp we packed up all our things and got them ready to put on the bus. Then we had breakfast and did our final camp cleanup, when all that was done the last fun activity started. We did class challenges and Room 3 won, after that we packed the bus and set of back to school.  

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