Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Yr 7 and 8 camp at PSYV

For week 4 this term the year 7 and 8’s had our camp at Peter Snell youth village in Whangaparaoa. On the tuesday we all arrived at school I was feeling a bit nervous but also excited. Once we were in our groups the bus driver told us the rules on the bus and then we waited for a bit then we were allowed to hop on the bus. But the bus driver got lost twice so Mr Fourie had to give him directions then after a while we arrived at camp once we got our bags we sat down on the deck outside the kitchen and cabins. Then we met Chris one of the people that works there he told us about the camp then we had morning tea and we were allowed to go put our stuff in our cabins I was with Tristan, Jack, Ryan, Jarred and Mikhil. Then we all went outside and played around with the vortex and rugby ball and it was cool and funny.

Then we had lunch and played around for a bit after that we all met up again in our groups and we did our first rotation. For my group we had Hobo stoves with Jarred’s mom and it was pretty fun our pancakes took a while to cook so we were just mucking around but when they cooked they were pretty nice then we went for a walk by the beach. After that we had air rifles with Katie’s dad and that was a cool activity I only hit the cans twice but it was still fun shooting. Then we had free time and the majority of people were playing with the vortex then after that we had dinner but Mr Fourie and Mr Munro made me and Jack go last so we were pretty annoyed. But we had roast Beef and vegetables and that was nice. Then after dinner we had the waterslide and it was scary but awesome. After that  I had a shower and got ready for the evening. First we went for this massive walk around the area and onto the beach and after that we did the burma trail I had to go with the squeaky ninjas because I had a job to do. It was alright but it wasn't scary but me, Vishay and Tristan were telling everyone to shut up. Then we had our milo’s and biscuits.  

After that we went to bed I was saying goodnight to everyone then I was talking to people in our cabin for a bit then Mr Munro came to turn our light off and we went to bed. The next morning at about 6:30 we all got up and dreaded because it was the morning run! we quickly got dressed, got our stuff ready and went onto the field to meet with Mr Fourie. The morning run was probably about a kilometre and we had to go up a lot of hills it was pretty tiring then we had breakfast I had yoghurt and some muesli and sliced apples it was pretty good after that I went and got ready for the day we had rock climbing with Ella’s dad  first for our group we had rock climbing and it was alright but it wasn’t one of my favourites but at least I got to the top of the wall.After rock climbing we had morning tea and moved on to our next activity.

We had confidence course with Brooke R and Brooke P’s mom’s. I enjoyed confidence course because we all encouraged each other to do well I did pretty well in that. I had to leave the activity early to do lunch duty and put all the plates, water jugs and glasses. For lunch we had these pizza things on a burger bun with a muffin and some fruit it was alright. Then after lunch we had the initiative course with Carl’s mom and Tristan’s mom that activity was alright but in the first part we did pretty bad but then we did alright in the other part of the course. Then our last activity was archery this was my favourite activity because that was the one I was best at even though we lost. Then we had dinner for dinner we had this chicken and rice with broccoli, peas and some beans it was alright but it wasen’t as good as the first one. Then we had our evening programme first we did awards for the day then after that mrs Bailey gave us a draw for who goes first in the talent quest and it was my group!. But luckily we were doing the line dances first they were pretty good and funny but my group did alright. Then the talent quest Jack, Luke Walker and me were doing jokes but our best one was this song we made up sadly we didn’t win though. After that we had our milo and biscuits and went to bed. The next morning we got squirted with water guns and it was pretty annoying but we were awake then we had to do a morning run but this time we had to do it twice and I was pretty tired but then when we finished it we had breakfast after that we got our stuff ready and started playing some games while we waited for the bus to come then we lined up.

Then when the bus arrived for snow planet we hopped on and got ready for it. Once we arrived there we got in our lines people that are doing snowboarding and people that are doing skiing I was doing snowboarding then we got our boots and they were pretty hard to put on but after that we got our helmet and snowboards and then we went inside and met our instructors. First we got our foot into the board and then we started learning the tricks. The turns were a bit hard but they just needed some practise. Then we had morning tea and went back out for free time It was a bit hard because I kept on falling over but it was still fun because I went from halfway. After that we had lunch you could have burger and chips or pizza and chips but I chose the burger it was pretty nice. Then after some more free time I handed my stuff back in and got dressed then after a while the bus came and took us back to camp.

After that we all had a rest and then another meeting with Chris and then we had dinner we had lasagne, potato wedges and fried rice. That was the best dinner of camp in my opinion. Then we had the waterslide and this time we went from the top of the waterslide and I nearly fell out but it was still fun. After that we had the y games it was annoying because most of the things I knew where when it wasn’t my turn but it was disgusting because I had to eat a whole zombie chew and it was so sour. After that we went to bed. In the morning we didn’t have the morning run so we had time to pack our stuff up then after that we had some breakfast and then put our bags out on the deck. After that we met up and went down for a walk to the beach and spent about half an hour there. Then we came back and did class challenge and I did the initiative course with Tristan, Jani and Ella and we did pretty good in that. It was cool because our class won and we got a chocolate bar then we packed up the bus and we left the camp. On the way home I sat with Vishay and we talked for a while. Then once it was 3 o'clock we were allowed to go home I think I enjoyed camp and it was fun hanging out with my friends and doing the activities.


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